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Oracle: Select Distinct From a Many-To-Many Query
Once upon a time, I wrote this blog that showed how you could select distinct based on a single column, while at the same time select other fields from the table.

Looking back on that blog, I didn't really explain why you would need something like this and that example wasn't really a good one since in most situations, the reason you would need this is on a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.

Going back to that example, I would change company to resident and this would have been a more useful query:

select, r.fname, r.lname from resident r inner join address a on order by a.move_in_date;

In this example, we're storing a history of a resident's address and the above query would get a history of their address ordered by the move-in date. But suppose you only wanted the current address.

In MySQL, you could actually do this:

select, r.fname, r.lname, max(a.move_in_date) from resident r inner join address a on group by order by a.move_in_date;

This is not something you can do in Oracle. In Oracle, you would need to do a sub-query:

select, r.fname, r.lname, a.move_in_date
from resident r, address a
and a.move_in_date=(select max(a2.move_in_date) from address a2, resident r2 where and;

What this query is doing is it's getting all the addresses for resident r. Then, it also requires that the address move_in_date is equal to the max move_in_date of the resident (

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