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SpeedTouch THOMSON ST516 Modem Mode Only
Since my blog about my old modem was so popular, I've decided to write a tutorial on how to set my new modem in modem mode only. The setup for this is relatively easy, though, compared to my previous modem.

Things you need to know:

IP for the modem:
VPI/VCI for your area: For Ontario, it's 0.35. For Alberta or BC, it's 0.33. For Quebec, it's 0.36.

Once you've logged into the modem, click on the SpeedTouch menu item on the left, then where it says "Pick a task...", select "Set Up".

Go through the steps. Select Bridge Mode. Select the VPI/VCI for your area. Uncheck DHCP.

Log into your router. Connect using PPPoE with your ISP's username and password.

And that's it.

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Posted by Craig on 2011-09-26 08:12:47Post #1 - Post link
Hey will this work for Primus Canada?
Posted by VXT on 2011-09-26 08:35:44Post #2 - Post link
Sorry, I'm not sure. My ISP is Teksavvy. I'm not sure if the modem setups are the same. Make sure you backup or make note of your original settings if you try this.

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