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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review
Oh, Michael Bay, even after you turned on your own movie, Revenge of the Fallen, and claimed that Dark of the Moon would be better, the critics still hated it.

I was disappointed that they replace Megan Fox with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Rosie is attractive enough, but I prefer Megan Fox. Not only that, but I felt that they threw away the chemistry that was built between the Mikhaela and Sam character. I didn't feel the same connection between Carly and Sam.

There were way too many humans. They couldn't even concentrate on one human story because there were way too many of them.

The beginning felt kind of slow and the end was just one long loud battle scene, which is a common problem with all three movies.

It felt like the robots also got less dialog time with each other than in Revenge of the Fallen. I think all Transformers fans want more dialog time between the robots.

Another thing that I was disappointed in was that Optimus Prime is kind of less badass in this movie.

There were some good things about this movie. I saw it in IMAX 3D and I liked how the 3D help separate the robots from the background. The Decepticons tend to look like one big pile of garbage in the background due to their lack of colour. The 3D helped with this problem.

I liked that they used plot ideas from two of my favourite Transformers TV episodes. I thought that the plot started out well but ended poorly. And still, some things didn't make sense.

As a Transformers fan, I give this movie 3.5/5 stars. That is lower than what I gave Revenge of the Fallen, which was 4/5 stars. Although, I think the average movie goer may enjoy this movie more than Revenge of the Fallen because the plot is less complicated.

If you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading here.

****************** SPOILER ALERT ******************

As, I mentioned, they used plots from two of my favourite TV episodes, The Ultimate Doom and Megatron's Master Plan but I don't think they pulled it off quite as well as the TV episodes.

I liked that they threw in the twist where Sentinel Prime betrays the Autobots but it kind of doesn't make sense at how ruthless he was. I can understand him killing humans but he killed Autobots, which didn't make sense to me at all. The story was that he made a secret pack with Megatron to use the space bridge technology that he built to bring Cybertron to Earth so that they could use Earth's resources to restore Cybertron. So, to me, Sentinel Prime should just have been a misguided Autobot, not the Ruthless Autobot/human killer that he was.

I may be remembering this wrong but I believed that it was the Decepticons that caused Sentinel Prime's ship to crash on the moon. If they were on the same side, why would the Decepticons try to stop Sentinel Prime from accomplishing his mission? And there's a scene where Optimus tries to give Sentinel back the Matrix but Sentinel doesn't want it. Why wouldn't he want it if he knew he would betray the Autobots?

There are a few things I would change about the movie that I think would have made it better. In the scene where the Autobot reveal themselves after they were exiled from Earth, I would have made it more like the G1 cartoon just because I loved that scene. I would have made the bad guys in the scene Soundwave and Megatron.

Just as Megatron is about to kill the humans, the "Arrival To Earth" score would play with engine noises in the background and Sam would say, "You hear that?" and then him and another human would say, "Autobots!"

Then Megatron would say, "No, it can't be!" and turn around as the Autobots transform and start shooting at him and Soundwave. Megatron would say, "Fall back Soundwave, we're out numbered!" At this point, Megatron would be pretty damaged by the attack from the Autobots.

Soundwave and Megatron would go back to inform Sentinel Prime that the Autobots have survived and are back. Sentinel Prime would then say, "You've failed once again, Megatron," and then turn around and shoot and destroy him. He would then turn to the other Decepticons and say, "Would anyone else like to fill his shoes?" The Decepticons would have looks of fear and not say anything. Sentinel Prime is voiced by Leonard Nimoy who also voiced Galvatron in the original 1986 animated movie. I think this would be a good nod to the scene where Galvatron destroys Starscream and takes over the leadership of the Decepticons.

The final fight scene with Optimus vs Sentinel, I would have Sentinel almost win the fight, and as he stands over Optimus, he would say, "I should thank you Optimus. If it wasn't for you, none of this would be possible," and Optimus would look at the destruction all around him and know that what Sentinel says is true. With the motivation to fix what he had done, he gets up and attacks Sentinel Prime with everything he's got and defeats him.

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