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Transformers Reviews: Classics Jetfire

With all the hype about the new leader class Jetfire, I thought I'd take a look at the old Classics voyager Jetfire. Classics voyager Jetfire is actually a pretty cool update to G1 Jetfire. He doesn't quite look the same as G1 Jetfire but he looks pretty cool and has some good playability for a voyager toy.

He's loaded up with guns. You can configure his robot mode in multiple ways by changing the configuration of the wings, backpack or displaying him with or without his helmet. Even his jet mode can be configured in different ways but changing the position of he wings or removing the thruster pack.

A couple of bad things about this figure is that he's back heavy and has some problems keeping his balance. The best way to help him balance is to deploy is backpack guns and point them forward. Another thing you can do is reverse his backpack and flip the backpack guns downwards. Another thing I don't like is the leg articulation. He bends at the knee and there's a knee swivel but the combination just looks awkward.

I'm not sure whether I'll get the new Jetfire or not. It's gotten a couple of very good reviews on YouTube but I don't know if I need another Jetfire in my collection. If I see it in a store I will probably pick it up.

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