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Transformers Reviews: Fans Toys Scoria (Dinobot Slag)

This is not an official Transformer. It's from a third party company called Fans Toys. If you know something about Transformers, you'll know that this is a Dinobot. He's in the Masterpiece scale, so he's pretty big. He's actually bigger than the official Masterpiece Grimlock but Fans Toys have found a way to try and fix the issue somewhat. They've included pieces that will fit under Grimlock's feet like platform shoes. It's not as bad as it sounds. You can see from the picture above how it looks. And in T-Rex mode, you can even store them on his back as weapons(?)

Grimlock /w Fans Toys add-on

The figure is very good quality. It's pretty heavy, having some die-cast in it. It has nice gold and silver chrome in all the right places. It has nice silver painted thighs and there's a lot of detail in the mold. Typically, I don't collect the bigger third party molds because they're very expensive and I would rather have an official figure but this figure looked really nice and has been getting very good reviews.

He comes with a gun and a sword that both light up and have their own batteries unlike the official Grimlock figure that uses the light from his hand to light up his weapons.

Fans Toys Scoria

He also comes with an extra head and alternative faces. He comes with two red faces to match the cartoon, which is the face I prefer because I'm a sucker for cartoon accuracy. And he comes with two silver faces, which is the face he comes packaged in. The red and silver faces each come with a normal face and a screaming face. I don't know what the silver face is inspired from. I know that on the G1 toy, he had a black face/head.

Fans Toys Scoria

I think the Transformation is quite nice. It's not simple but it's not overly complicated. He has good articulation, pretty much all the typical stuff. He has individually articulated fingers. The only thing is that he can't hold his sword at 90 degrees because the hilt gets in the way so he has to slight bend his wrist down. It's not too bad. Something else I found weird was that they put ratchet joints in his shoulders bending outwards but they have this weak friction joint for lifting is arm forward. I would think that they would make the joint for lifting his arm stronger since he needs it for holding weapons. Not only that but his arm itself is particularly heavy. Mine has trouble lifting his arms, which I've tried to fix by taking the arm apart and applying some black paint to it but it didn't help a whole lot. Putting is arm back together is a pain because it has a spring that holds the pieces for the ratchet joint so if you don't think you'd be comfortable with dealing with something like that, you probably shouldn't take it apart. The ironic thing is that the G1 figure, which probably doesn't need ratchet joints, has them for raising his arms.

To me, his robot mode is pretty much perfect. Mine came with incorrect pain apps on his stomach. There's a part that is supposed to be black plastic that got painted red on one side of his stomach. I fixed it by just painting it black. But if you don't have black paint or are uncomfortable with painting your figures, this would have been a bummer for you. I'm not aware that's it's a wide spread problem so it's probably just my figure. His Triceratops mode is OK but to me looks a bit like an armadillo. Some people thinks he looks like a potato. It's not that bad. Who knows, maybe there were some Triceratops that looked like armadillos.

Fans Toys Scoria
Scoria with World's Smallest Transformers Slag

Overall, I think this is a really nice figure and I would get the other Dinobots if Fans Toys releases them. Right now, I'm not sure if I would get a second Grimlock. I'm pretty happy with the official one and what they've done to make him taller works for me.

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