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Transformers Reviews: ToyWorld TW-02B Orionvil

This is the black repaint of ToyWorld's TW-02 Orion. Orion is supposed to be the IDW comic representation of Optimus Prime. I didn't get Orion because something was off about it to me. Apparently, it was the colours because the black version just looks awesome! If they re-release Orion in darker colours, I would buy that, too. This is my favourite black repaint of Optimus Prime. This is only the second time where I've thought that the black repaint of Optimus Prime was better than the original. The first time was the original, RiD Scourge.

ToyWorld TW-02B Orionvil

The packaging is pretty nice. The front has a clear window where you can see the figure and a drawing of the figure underneath. The back of the box contains product shots of the figure. There's no tech spec or bio.

ToyWorld TW-02B Orionvil

The robot mode is just frickin' awesome. He's got pretty good articulation. He's got single jointed elbows and knees. One complaint I have is that his head doesn't tilt down. So, I can't give him my standard "I'm badass because I tilt my head down" pose. The colour scheme itself is perfect. I think that if they would have painted the grey parts silver, it would have looked even better. He has very tight joints and they are almost all ratchet joints. His shoulder is also a ratchet joint but it's kind of a weak ratchet joint.

He comes with the standard Optimus Prime accessories, gun, axe and Matrix of leadership. His chest can open up to store the Matrix.

ToyWorld TW-02B Orionvil

The truck mode looks very awesome as well. It rolls very well, as it should with all the wheels it has. The paint details in the vehicle mode are very nice. I can't really complain about much except again, it would have been nice if they could have chromed the grill and bumper but it's not a big complaint.

Now comes my biggest complaint about this toy. The transformation is a nightmare. He has little tabs and pegs everywhere that are suppose to peg and tab things nicely together but they can be a pain to get out of the way while you're trying to move something into place. I feel like I'm going to break something. The transformation of his abs into robot mode is kind of a pain because you need to pull it out but you need to move parts out of the way so that there's clearance and then you need put the tabs on his chest behind the grill. The transformation of his hands is also a pain. They are really tight which makes it really hard to swivel them back out. One thing that is kind of fragile are his windshields. I pulled both of them out. In my obsession to try to fix it, I glued them back in and made a bigger mess. I should have just pegged him back in since they stay pegged in just fine.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this figure. You just need to be careful when transforming him.

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