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Transformers Reviews: Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack

Finally, we have a proper G1 Wheeljack! The Generations Wheeljack wasn't bad but this figure is simply awesome.

Vehicle Mode

MP-20 Wheeljack

The vehicle mode is made to look like the real car that this is modeled after so it doesn't look 100% like the G1 cartoon or toy. Some fans are not too happy about that but I don't mind it at all because I like realistic looking vehicle modes. The vehicle comes with some minor assembly required. His side mirrors do not come attached so you need to attach them yourself. It comes with a spare set, I guess in case you break them. His shoulder canon can be attached to his roof in vehicle mode similar to the previous MP cars. His hand gun also stores in vehicle mode underneath the vehicle and acts as an exhaust.

MP-20 Wheeljack

Robot Mode

Because the vehicle mode is painted to resemble the real Lancia, the robot mode's cartoon accuracy also suffers. I also don't mind this because I think this is how he should have looked in the cartoon. Wheeljack's colour scheme is slightly more complex so the colourers probably wanted to save time by making it more simplistic in the cartoon. I think the robot mode looks pretty fantastic. The head sculpt is perfect. There is one secret easter egg that was figure out by some fan. If you disassemble Wheeljack's head, it will reveal a face underneath with a mustache. I don't want to disassemble mine but here's a picture from the interwebs.

He has pretty good articulation. You can get him in some pretty nice poses. Check out my photo gallery for some examples.


He comes with a shoulder canon and a hand pistol. Depending on where you order it from, you might also get a collector coin and/or a anti-hypnosis device and he created in G1 episode "The Ultimate Doom" to free the humans from the Decepticons' mind control.

MP-20 Wheeljack


MP-20 Wheeljack

He scales very nicely with the other MP cars. He's slightly taller, which is ironic because in the Generations version, they made him slightly shorter than the other cars.

This is another excellent Masterpiece from Takara Tomy and I hope to see the rest of the Autobot cars soon. I need an MP Jazz, Hound, Mirage, Sunstreaker and Tracks.

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