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March 23, 2014
iGear Faith Leader
More Photos
Note that I painted the waist and thighs silver. The original figure was grey plastic. I also added the Autobot symbol on his arm.

This is a pretty old figure but I was playing with my camera and decided to take some pictures of him so I thought I'd do a short review as well. This is a downsized version of the original Masterpiece MP-01 Optimus Prime. It is a third party (non-official) figure made by the company iGear. My short review is that this figure looks fantastic but the quality is crap. There is no die-cast like the original Masterpiece figure and the plastic quality feels super cheap. I broke the panels underneath his arm used for pushing out his fists on my first transform. One of his fist also fell apart on me. I was able to glue it back together so it wasn't as bad. iGear said they would send me a replacement part for the arm but it never came and they wouldn't respond to my emails so I'm not a big fan of them, anymore.

As for accessories, it comes with the same ones that come with MP-01, that is, his blaster, energon axe, a mini Megatron gun and a removable Matrix. It also comes with an extra blaster that can be used with Classics Optimus Prime, an Orion Pax head, a Megatron head and a cape. I think most of the reviews I saw weren't that excited about these additional accessories but I really like them. I think the cape is awesome. It's made of really nice fabric and I think Optimus looks really cool with a cape. The extra blaster for Classics Prime is a nice include. I have my Classics Prime using it. I think the Orion Pax head is cool. Technically, it's not G1 accurate to put the head on Optimus Prime's body but if you ignore that, I think it looks pretty good. I'm not sure what the point of the Megatron head is. That's the only accessory I don't really have a use for.

This figure is no longer for sale but if you find him on eBay or something, I couldn't recommend getting it just because of the build quality. Maybe if you could get it for $60, it would be OK.
March 5, 2014

This figure is probably not for everybody. This figure does not transform. I usually don't buy Transformers that don't transform but I thought this looked cool. This figure is probably bigger than you expect it to be. It's about 6 inches tall. It has a very nice and shiny paint job. And as you can see, it come with lights. All those lights are controlled by six different switches. A bunch of parts on him can be removed to reveal a skeletal structure. You can check out the photos to see what I mean. His accessories include three interchangeable hands, an energon axe and a removable Matrix. He also comes with a display stand. The thing I don't understand is that it comes with a piece that looks like it's meant to lift him up on the stand but he's too heavy to be lift up. I like this figure but I wouldn't recommend it unless you really like the look of it.
December 15, 2013

Read my MP-17 Prowl review for a full review of this mold.

I have a QC issue where Bluestreak can't hold his gun in his right hand without it popping out of its peg. Besides that, the joints are pretty tight and the paint application is really good. I really like the paint on this figure. It looks really nice in person.

Besides the difference in colour, other difference between this figure and Prowl are the face sculpt, the waist piece and Bluestreak doesn't have a light bar.

For Prowl, his gun plugs into his light bar in vehicle mode but Bluestreak doesn't have a light bar. So, they've designed it so that there's a peg that swivels underneath his hood that allows him to plug his gun into in vehicle mode.

This is a fabulous update to G1 Bluestreak. I recommend this figure to any Bluestreak fan or Masterpiece fan.
November 16, 2013

DA-15 Dark Nightwatch Jetwing Optimus Prime is a black repaint of the Dark of the Moon movie DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime. I loved the jet pack when I first saw this version of Optimus Prime.
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October 14, 2013

Prowl is one of my favourite G1 toys so it's awesome to finally have him as a Masterpiece figure. I've passed on previously versions of Prowl, like the Alternator/BinalTech and Classics version because I was not satisfied at how those figures represented Prowl's look. This figure however, being a Masterpiece figure, perfectly captures G1 Prowl's look.
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September 14, 2013

"Robots In Disguise" was the cartoon series that got me into or back into collecting Transformers, depending on whether you count the Transformers I had as a child as a collection. I don't think I ever saw an Optimus Prime at that point, except in hobby shops and he was way overpriced. That was probably the reason why I didn't have him in my collection until now.
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September 2, 2013

Initially, I wasn't going get this toy because it had sold out quite quickly due to the limited supply. Oddly, it didn't even get a release in the States and was only released internationally. Although, I do not live in the States, I didn't have much luck finding this toy at retail. The toy however got a second run so I jumped on the opportunity to get it. I'm really glad that I did, because being an Optimus Prime fan and being a Transformers Prime (TV series) fan, this toy is a "must have" for me.
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August 31, 2013

I was going to say that this is the only Bulkhead toy I own but then I remembered that I do have Energon Bulkhead. Having said that, Energon Bulkhead is a completely different character. I got that Bulkhead because he looks like G1 Springer. I'm not really a fan of Bulkhead but I decided to pick this one up because he was 50% off and I wanted to add to my collection of Transformers Prime Autobots.
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August 11, 2013

When I first saw photos of this guy, I was not really that impressed, especially for its price tag. But then, I watched some reviews on YouTube and the consensus was that people loved this guy in person. Everybody was particularly raving about his glossing paint job. Now that I have him in person, I don't feel much different about him than I did initially.

He's a great looking figure but it's not a "must buy" like some reviewers have said. I think this is only something you would buy if you either love black Optimus Primes or even just Optimus Primes in general and don't have this mold, yet. Or, if you're like me and is a sucker for Optimus Prime toys and are looking to buy something because you're not so impressed with the current Beast Hunters or Generations figures.

There's not much more to say about this figure that I didn't already say in my MP-10 review. The only thing that is different is his colour scheme and that he comes with less accessories. He only comes with the Matrix, his gun and his axe. Yep, that's it.

The joints on this figure seem to be tighter than on my MP-10 and as seen in the photos, he has a flat Decepticon symbol instead of the raised Autobot symbol that MP-10 has. Overall, I do think this is a very nice figure but the price is too high for the lack of accessories. I don't see anything in this figure that justifies the price hike from MP-10.
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June 30, 2013

In case you couldn't tell, iGear MW-05 Cogz is supposed to be G1 Gears. Cogz is in the same scale as iGears previous mini warriors release, Hench. Now that iGear is making their mini warriors in this scale, it would be nice if they could go back to redo Rager (Huffer), Spray (Sea Spray) in the same scale.
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