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Sympatico Ultra Highspeed / Speedstream 6520 Modem Problems
So I recently upgraded from Sympatico Highspeed Edition to Ultra Highspeed. It was only an extra $5/mo for 1.67 times the speed so I figured, hey why not.

So with the Ultra Highspeed Edition I was shipped a Speedstream 6520 "Wireless Home Modem" which apparently works as a router as well. I already have a D-Link Air Plus G (DI-524) router which works great so I was not thrilled to have to switch to the new router. The first thing I noticed was that the wireless signal for the Speedstream router was not as good my D-Link, already I was not pleased. Everything worked fine. I was able to connect to the Internet and browse my network. Then I tested to see if I could set up an FTP server.

I have a desktop and a notebook computer set up on the network. I could not get my notebook to connect to the FTP server I set up on the desktop. There is a setting on the Speedstream router for "port mapping". You need to go to the router IP, then go to Advanced Settings at the top and then click on the Applications icon on the left. So I openned the appropriate ports and tried connecting to it using the WAN IP from my notebook and I got nothing. I tried to connect to it locally from the LAN IP (192.168.2.xx) and that seemed to work fine. So then I figured maybe I wasn't getting this interface so I openned the DMZ which opens all the ports to a specific LAN IP. This should definitely work but still I got nothing.

Having fiddled with the settings for a few hours and getting nowhere I decided to finally give in and call tech support. The first tech person I spoke to was of no use as usual. I expected as much since I'm pretty sure I know more than all those first level tech support people. They give the usual answer of "if you don't have this hardware we don't support it" blah blah blah. I was determined to talk with someone more knowledgeable so I told them that if I they couldn't help me I would return the router since it's of no use to me. That finally got me someone that at least knew my problem.

Problem Solved? Kind of...

So he tried to connect to my FTP server and I checked my logs and noticed he had succeeded. So having thought he was able to fix the problem somehow, I tried it again on my end and still got nothing. Then it dawned on me that maybe you could only connect from outside the network so I tried logging into my work's server and voila! I was able to connect. So the answer was that it was working all along but you can only connect using the WAN IP if you are outside the network. Inside the network you need to use the LAN IP. My conclusion was that the Speedstream 6500 is crap. I did not have this problem with my D-Link.

Earlier, I had already tried to connect the Speedstream to my D-Link with no success but that was before I knew that connecting using the WAN IP was useless so I endeavored to try it again.


With my new found knowledge, I connected the Speedstream's LAN port to my D-Link's WAN port and connected my desktop to one of the D-Link's LAN ports. Another inferior quality of the Speedstream is that I believe it detects it's LAN/WAN ports in order so you cannot just connect to any port, it must be in order. I logged into the Speedstream's admin area and disabled DHCP so that it wouldn't try to assign IPs and turned off the wireless function since I no longer needed it and that was it! Now everything works as it should. My D-Link router is running DHCP and connecting to Sympatico via PPPoE while the Speedstream router/modem is now just acting as a modem.

I've been testing my connection speed here and I seem to get the best connection using the Chicago location with a maximum download speed of 4000+ kbps and upload speed of 600+ kbps. Somewhat disappointing considering they advertise 5 Mbps. Hopefully I will be able to get better speeds at other places.

So again, in conclusion the Speedstream 6520 Home Network Modem sucks!

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Total records: 7
Posted by Jason on 2007-04-26 14:45:18Post #1 - Post link
I am running into the exact same problem as you have. I have a perfectly good router (a linksys) and I don't want to use the speedstream as a router. I've read through your post but I'm not having any luck setting things up. If you have a minute could you please drop me an email at jkrogh *at* ?
Posted by vxt on 2007-07-08 21:58:15Post #2 - Post link
hmm... sorry, I didn't see this comment until now but I'll post something just incase it might be able to help somebody else. I've heard that another thing you can try is to put the Speedstream modem/router in bridge mode. I wasn't able to get this to work but I heard this is what you are supposed to do. I can post screen shots of my setup if anybody responds to this article again.
Posted by Jayme on 2007-08-30 17:34:10Post #3 - Post link
Instead of complaining about the speedstream router and all that crap you should have just connected ur other router up in the first place instead of using the option on board router feature on the modem. that would have saved u complaining about meaningless things not like anyone cares about FTP and crap like that no one does that junk cept for u
Posted by Stephen on 2007-08-30 18:21:47Post #4 - Post link
Finally someone with the same problem as me. I have a Linksys router which is fine, and i do not wish to use the SpeedStream as router.
I am not as computer "savi" as you and if it is not too much trouble , could you email me how to do this? Use the Linksys router and SpeedStream just was a modem, i am very confused by the LAN/WAN things you mentioned,

Posted by Kevin23 on 2007-09-24 23:53:58Post #5 - Post link
Hey guys,

fyi, i am a dumb ass... need some help
I only get about 180k here, have the speedstream 6520, can I alter it to make it any faster?
Posted by vxt on 2007-09-25 14:41:17Post #6 - Post link
That sounds really low, Kevin. Do you have Sympatico High Speed Basic? That sounds like what it might be. How are you testing your speed?
Posted by vxt on 2007-09-25 14:57:15Post #7 - Post link
Jayme, I want to set up an FTP site on my computer so I can get stuff from it when I'm not home. I don't care if normal users don't need to do that. I need to do that and if I can't do it then the router is useless to me. It turns out that you can do it but testing it from inside the network is impossible so there was no way for me to know that it was working unless I tested it from outside. Why should have have to use an external router when the reason I pay the extra $5 is for the router functionality? I stand by what I said, their router is crap and that's why I have to use my own router. So people who get this service need to know that it's not worth it if you think it would be good to have a modem/router in one.
Total records: 7

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