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Top 10 G1 Transformers Episodes
Since I did one for the Star Trek movie, I've decided to do one for Transformers. I'm going to do the shows with multi-part episodes as one episode. Be warned that this ranking contains plot spoilers.

10. Cosmic Rust (Season 2 - Episode 45)

The Decepticons are travelling through outer space when they run into an ancient Autobot colony planet. It turns out that all the Autobots on the planet died a long time ago. The Decepticons find a heat energy weapon and bring it back to Earth. On the return trip, an asteroid seems to be following them so Megatron uses the heat energy weapon to destroy the asteroid. A piece of the asteroid hits Megatron as it explodes. When they are back on Earth, Starscream removes the piece of asteroid from Megatron but it turns out that it has infected Megatron with some sort of cosmic rust. Meanwhile, the Autobot scientist Perceptor is being presented with the National Science Achievement award for inventing "corrostop", a compound that resists heat and corrosion. As the Autobots coat the Statue of Liberty with the compound, the Decepticons attack. They kidnap Perceptor in hopes that he can cure Megatron's rust problem. Perceptor agrees to help Megatron as long as he destroys his heat energy weapon. Megatron agrees and Perceptor cures him using corrostop. It turns out that Megatron is a liar. He sends an infected Perceptor back to the Autobots. Perceptor then infects the other Autobots. And to top it all off, the Autobots run out of the secret ingredient for corrostop. The Autobots conveniently have a broken "matter duplicator" which they are able to fix and duplicate corrostop from the Statue of Liberty. They end up defeating the Decepticons and healing themselves. OK, this episode is full of convenient circumstances, but I like it.

9. More Than Meets The Eye (Season 1 - Episodes 1-3)

Coming in at #9 are the first ever episodes of the Transformers. These episodes tell the story of the Transformers arrival on Earth. The Autobots befriend a couple of humans, Spike and his father Sparkplug. The Decepticons try to extract energon from the Earth to power their ship so they can go back to Cybertron, with the eventual goal of draining Earth of its energy to replenish their home planet of Cybertron. As the Decepticon ship departs back to Cybertron with the energon they had taken from the Earth, an Autobot named Mirage uses his invisibility power to hide on board the Decepticon ship and shoots the ship's control panel, causing it to crash into the ocean. Mirage parachutes off the ship before it crashes.

8. The Search For Alpha Trion (Season 2 - Episode 37)

In The Search For Alpha Trion, it is revealed that there are female Autobots living on Cybertron. The leader of the female Autobots and Optimus Prime's girlfriend, Elita-1, is captured by Shockwave, the Decepticon's appointed guardian of Cybertron. Once Optimus hears of this news, he heads off to Cybertron by himself to save her. But, as he gets to Cybertron, he too is captured. As Optimus is being dropped into a boiling liquid, Elita-1 uses her special power to freeze time. She rescues Optimus but using her special power has drained her of almost all her energy. Optimus takes Elita-1 to see an old Autobot named Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion says that he may be able to fix her. Meanwhile, the Decepticons think that they have killed Optimus Prime when they see some melted metal in the boiling liquid. Alpha Trion uses some of Optimus' components to fix Elita-1. On Earth, some Autobots find out that Prime has gone to Cybertron and decide to follow him. They end up finding the female Autobots and engage in a battle with the Decepticons. With the Autobots losing the battle, Optimus Prime and Elita-1 come in to save the day.

7. The Burden Hardest to Bare (Season 3 - Episode 28)

In this episode, the new Autobot leader, Rodimus Prime, feels the pressures of leadership and goes off for a drive by himself. He is attached by a couple of Stunticons and crashes causing the Matrix of Leadership to fall out of his chest. The Stunticons steal it and bring it to their leader, Galvatron. Galvatron tries to use it as a weapon but causes ghosts of past Autobot leaders to appear. Deeming it worthless, he gives it to Scourge to dispose of. Scourge, however, realizes that the Matrix is not a weapons and places the Matrix into his chest causing him to become bigger (and uglier, with bumps all over him), as if he were on steroids. Scourge then challenges Galvatron. He defeats Galvatron, as well as Cyclonus who came to the defense of his leader. Scourge then leads the Decepticons to attack a city on Earth. Hot Rod eventually realizes the responsibility he has to bare the Matrix. He meets Scourge and defeats him to regain the Matrix.

6. Ghost In The Machine (Season 3 - Episode 17)

Ghost In The Machine is the unofficial continuation episode to Starscream's Ghost. In this episode, Starscream takes over Scourge's body but he wants his own body again. Starscream convinces Scourge that he has no place to go and convinces him to willingly help him. Starscream has the idea of reviving Unicron so that he can give him his body back. Unicron, once a giant planet eating robot, is now just a head orbiting Cybertron. Once they revive the head of Unicron, Unicron refuses to give Starscream what he wants until Starscream performs 3 tasks. It is eventually revealed that these 3 tasks are meant to give Unicron back his own body by attaching his head to Cybertron. During the ending battle, Starscream convinces Unicron to give him back his body before the last task is completed because he would be unable to complete it, otherwise. Starscream then abandons Unicron after he gets his body back. Unknown to Starscream and Unicron, the Autobots had planted a bomb inside Unicrons head, which causes Unicron to be deactivated again and sending Starscream flying through space.

5. The Ultimate Doom (Season 1 - Episodes 11-13)

The Ultimate Doom is an epic adventure episode. The reason I really like this episode is because a lot of sh*t goes down. Spark Plug gets kidnapped by the Decepticons and is turned into a zombie slave by the handy work of Dr. Archeville, Optimus Prime risks the safety of the Earth to save Cybertron and Megatron gets blown up.

4. The Key To Vector Sigma (Season 2 - Episodes 40-41)

In The Key To Vector Sigma, Megatron builds a group of automobile Decepticons to challenge the Autobots on the ground. The group is named the Stunticons. But, he is unable to give them minds, so he takes them to Cybertron so that Vector Sigma can give them life. Vector Sigma is the "mega computer" which gave life to all the Transformers on Cybertron. Megatron steals the key to Vector Sigma from an old Autobot guarding the key named Alpha Trion. The Autobots follow them but are too late to stop them. The Autobots then build their own group of jets to challenge the Decepticons in the sky. Alpha Trion sacrifices his life to merge with Vector Sigma to give the group of Autobot jets life. This group is named the Arialbots. In the final battle, Megatron reveals that he had given the Stunticons a second combiner (gestalt) mode named Menasor. Optimus then reveals that he too gave the Arialbots a combiner mode named Superion. The two giant robots fight it out until another giant Autobot named Omega Supreme joins the battle to help Superion defeat Menasor.

3. War Dawn (Season 2 - Episode 44)

In War Dawn, the Arialbots begin to idolize the Decepticons and question their allegiance with the Autobots and Humans. While in a battle with the Decepticons they approach Starscream in a diplomatic attempt but are tricked into a time machine that sends them back into the golden age of Cybertron. In the past, the Arialbots meet a young robot named Orion Pax who idolizes the newly created Megatron and the Decepticons because of their power and ability to fly. Megatron then raids the factory where Orion Pax works and injures him, his girlfriend Ariel and his best friend, Dion. The Arialbots bring Orion Pax to a robot named Alpha Trion who then fixes him. Orion is also given a new name... Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion also fixes his best friend and girlfriend, who is renamed Elita-1. Optimus Prime then sees the error in his judgment to idolize the Decepticons just because of their power. He then leads a fight against Megatron and the Decepticons. Autobot scientist Wheeljack eventually fixes the time machine and brings the Arialbots back to present time. The Arialbots now know the true evil nature of Megatron and the Decepticons and they help the Autobots chase them off.

2. Megatron's Master Plan (Season 2 - Episode 19-20)

In Megatron's Master Plan, Megatron uses a power hungry politician named Sean Burger to help him frame the Autobots. Blind by his thirst for power, Burger helps Megatron convince the citizens of some city to believe that the Autobots are evil and that the Decepticons are actually the good guys. The Autobots are eventually trialed and are sent to be exiled into deep space. Megatron reprograms the ship carrying the Autobots to be sent into the sun. He locks the computer so that the course can't be changed. Megatron then unveils his hoax and enslaves the city and sets them to work to create energon cubes. The Autobots are able to escape from the ship heading to the sun and return to Earth to defeat the Decepticons.

1. Dark Awakening (Season 3 - Episode

Surprisely, my favourite G1 episode of all time is a season 3 episode. The reason I love this episode is because it's such a character driven episode. It's very much a passing of the torch story.

In Transformers: The Movie, when Optimus Prime died, he passed the Matrix of Leadership to his second in command, Ultra Magnus. But Ultra Magnus could not open the Matrix to unleash its power because he had not proven himself to be worthy to bear the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Eventually, a young Autobot named Hot Rod faced off against the Decepticon leader, Galvatron, and he unleashed the power of the Matrix to defeat Galvatron and a giant transforming planet named Unicron. Hot Rod then became known as Rodimus Prime.

In Dark Awakening, a band of Autobots, consisting of Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee and their human friend, Daniel are being pursued by some Decepticons through deep space. They decide to take cover in a big object floating in space, which we later learn is an Autobot tomb, built by the Autobots for their fallen comrads in the Great War (from Transformers: The Movie). The Decepticons pursue them but are eventually driven off by none other than Optimus Prime. Rodimus, being very happy to see his former leader alive, gives him back the Matrix of Leadership and thus becoming Hot Rod again. Then, in a sudden move, Optimus attacks the Autobots and renders all unconscious. He takes a ship back to Cybertron and sets the tomb ship on a trajectory course with a sun. The Quintessons, who are the creator of the original Transformers on their home planet of Cybertron, brought Optimus Prime back to life, but as a "robotic zombie". Optimus has all his memories but is controlled by the Quintessons.

When Optimus arrives on Cybertron, he claims that the Quintessons had killed the other Autobots and that they had risked their lives to save him. All the other Autobots are infuriated and they go off to attack the Quintessons. In the meantime, the Autobots from the tomb ship have revived and they repair a ship and head back to Cybertron. They find out that Optimus has taken the fleet to go attack the Quintessons so they go after them. Eventually, Hot Rod confronts Optimus Prime. They battle and Hot Rod tries to get Optimus Prime to listen to reason, but Optimus would have none of it and defeats Hot Rod when he lets his guard down. Optimus stands over Hot Rod, and is about to blow him away but then he gets flash backs of what is happening to him and is again (at least temporarily) his old self. He then says, "Monsters (referring to the Quintessons), they turned me into a weapon against the very ones I loved in life. But you will save them... Rodimus Prime," and hands the Matrix over to Hot Rod. Optimus leaves as the other Autobots come in to take Rodimus away from the disintegrating ship. Rodimus, dazed, calls out for Optimus Prime but the others drag him away.

Optimus Prime, then takes a shuttle and sets a collision course for the target that was set as an ambush for the Autobots. The Quintessons try to destroy the shuttle but they can't stop it. The shuttle collides with the target detonator and blows up with Optimus Prime in it.

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