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Transformers Reviews: Encore #20 Devastator /w XTransbots XP-1 Add-On Kit

Encore Devastator

This review will mostly be on the XTransbots XP-1 add-on kit. I will just do a mini review of the Encore Devastator. I've only ever had a KO Devastator (the really cheap one) so I can't compare the Encore version to the original G1 but I heard that they made some improvements. The quality is definitely better than my cheap KO Devastator, which broke recently. One of the things that I wasn't aware of is that the chrome parts on the Constructicons aren't just chrome but are actually die-cast. This makes the figures feel much more solid than my KO version.

XTransbots XP-1 Add-On Kit

This is a very good looking add-on kit and at a reasonable price, unlike the CrazyDevy add-ons. There are a few problems with it, though.

The plastic quality is pretty decent. Design-wise, I think chest plate and waist piece could have been design to be better looking. I'm actually considering using the original chest plate. The waist piece is not compatible with the original waist piece.

There are a few quality issues I have with this add-on kit. The first thing that I had problems with was that the right knee could not bend very far. The reason for that was that they had used the left thigh pieces on the right leg. I was able to unscrew the right thigh and reverse it to get the knee to bend properly. It looks pretty much the same now except the right thigh has the screws on the outside of the leg. This seems like it would just be an issue with mine.

The fingers are terrible. They fall off extremely easily if you try to pose them. This also makes it pretty hard to have make him properly hold his gun.

The head sculpt is awesome and I consider it to be the best thing about this add-on kit. The bad part is that the piece that connects the head to the body does not connect on very well. It doesn't click on at all. I noticed that on the original piece, there are small tabs that allow it to click on to the body that is missing from this add-on kit piece. Also, the LED only lights up one eye.

I've already mentioned that the waist piece doesn't look that great but it also falls off extremely easily. The waist piece attaches to the abdomen piece by two small pegs. I don't see why they couldn't make the pegs bigger or just make the waist piece apart of the abdomen piece. I'm actually considering just gluing the waist piece onto the abdomen piece.

Another issue I have is that Long Haul's dumping piece (or whatever it's called) keeps falling back. The original leg connectors actually prevented this from happening, so what I did was just add the original leg connector and that fixed the problem. You can see what it looks like from the photo above. It doesn't look too bad to me and is better than having a floppy back piece.

It also comes with a purple mixer drum for Mixmaster. It would be pretty hard for them to get that wrong. There were no instructions to replace the mixer drum so it was kind of scary trying to figure it out myself. I found that pulling it from the front end was easiest.

The add-ons gives Devastator pretty good articulation but unfortunately with all the issues, the poses are pretty fragile and he could fall apart at any moment.

I think this add-on kit makes him a very good display piece but not really playable. I can tolerate most of the issues but the one that bugs me the most is the head piece not snapping on securely. Just any slight movement and the whole torso would fall off if you're not careful.

I give this add-on kit a 7/10 rating. I really like the way it looks. The new head and having actual thighs really improves the look of the figure a lot, in my opinion. I would recommend this add-on kit if you just have to have a good looking Devastator for display at a reasonable price. I got it for US$39.90 + shipping at

Still a head shorter than Metroplex

More Photos

I want to make a correction to the review. The original waist piece is actually compatible with the new abdomen piece. There are two small pegs in the back of the original waist piece that plug into the new abdomen piece. A warning, though. The pegs on the original waist piece may be bigger than the holes on the abdomen piece. This may cause the holes to expand if you force them in, causing the upgrade piece to no longer fit properly. I've also found that sanding the bottom of the head connector piece helps it fit better onto Hook.

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Posted by ButtZilla on 2012-02-08 03:37:05Post #1 - Post link
Awesome review, you wouldn't have a crazydevy version for comparison now would you? thx

Posted by  vxt on 2012-02-08 08:07:03Post #2 - Post link
Sorry, I don't have the CrazyDevy add-ons but I heard it has its own problems. I'm actually curious to know if their head connector piece has the same issue. It would be great if Xtransbots sold a fixed head connector and fixed the LED positioning for like $5.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-24 01:07:28Post #3 - Post link
For whatever reason without reaching to RobotKingdom, they contacted me and said that they would send me replacement hands for the crappy ones that came with the original XP-1 kit. Not a bad deal at all!
Posted by vxt on 2012-03-27 19:58:30Post #4 - Post link
I'm not a fan of Robot Kingdom, anymore. Their customer service is not that great. I emailed them about the possibility of getting a discount if I bought another XP-1 add-on kit because the one I received had a slight defect. They asked me to send them pictures, which I did, and they never responded to me even after I sent them a follow-up email. Would it have been so hard to send an email to say, "no, sorry, we can't give you a discount"? I received the same poor customer service from iGear. If I lived in the US, I would buy from BBTS all the time. They have the best customer service and the best return policy if there is a manufacturer defect.

Also, I bought another item from RK just so they could combine the shipping with the new hands and they didn't even include the hands.
Total records: 4

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