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Configuring Speedstream 6520 For Modem Only Mode
As I've written in a previous blog, 'Sympatico Ultra Highspeed / Speedstream 6520 Modem Problems', Bell provides you with a really crappy router/modem with their Sympatico Ultra Highspeed Edition. I decided that I didn't want to use their router so I turned it off and just used my own D-Link router. Here's are the steps on how I accomplished this:
  1. Connect the DSL cable (phone cord) to the DSL socket on the back of the Speedstream.

  2. Connect an ethernet cable to the #1 port on the Speedstream to the WAN port on your router.

  3. Connect your computer to one of the LAN ports on the Speedstream. The Speedstream should already be set to DHCP mode, but if it is not, you will have to manually change your IP to be on the same network as the modem, otherwise you can skip this step.

    Go into your network connections. In Windows XP, go to Start Menu > Connect to > Show all connections.

    Select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and click the Properties button.

    Right-click on your Local Area Network connection and select properties. You should get a screen similar to the one below. Enter in what you see below and click OK.

  4. Open a browser window and type this address in the address/location bar. This is the IP address of the Speedstream modem/router.

  5. If you have set up a username and password, enter it here. If you have not set up a username and password, I believe the default username is admin and the password is blank (as in it is empty, not the word blank).

  6. Once you are in, you should get a screen similar to the one below. Click on the Advanced Icon at the top.

  7. Then, click on the Home Network icon on the left. You should get a screen similar to the one below.

  8. Click on the Advanced Settings button and you should get the screen below.

  9. *** Added step *** (Jan 29, 2010)
    Originally I had forgotten to put this step in. You need to click on the 'Configure the Local Home Networking modem LAN/WAN Port' which will give you the screen below. Select to use the LAN/WAN port (port 4) as a LAN port. If you choose to use it as a WAN port, you will get the option to either use it as a Bridged IP or use PPPoE connection. I was unable to get it to work using the Bridged IP setting.

  10. From step 8, click on the 'Configure the Local Home Networking modem IP Network' link. This should take you to another window that looks like the one below.

  11. Click on 'Custom Settings' and you should see the screen below. Copy the settings as you see them and click the Apply button. This will disable the Speedsteam's DHCP server. DHCP assigns IP addresses to all the computers connected to the network. You want to disable this so that your router will be the DHCP server.

  12. If you changed your Windows network settings in step 3, you should change them back to automatically obtain your IP address and DNS server addresses.

  13. At this point, I will assume that you have the router that you want to use instead of the Speedstream already set up to connect to Sympatico. The router should also be running a DHCP server. You may need to reboot your router. And that should be it.

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Posted by vxt on 2010-05-12 15:50:26Post #41 - Post link
Hi Kim,

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Are you looking into only using the Speedstream as a router instead of a modem?

You can ditch your other modem and just use the Speedstream as both a modem and a router.
Posted by HKL on 2011-03-09 19:44:21Post #42 - Post link
I know this thread is starting to get stale but I think I found a simple solution which I can confirm works on Bell Aliant (Atlantic Canada) configured Speedstream 6520 routers.

It turns out that Bell Aliant (and many other ISPs) do not use a special pared down firmware which restricts the functions of the 6520. Instead, they merely hide the more advanced features by not making them accessible from their custom configuration screens. If you know where to point your browser, you can acquire full access to all the 6520's features.

The trick is to use a custom made HTML page which will access the hidden settings. Here's the thread which contains a full discussion and, embedded in one of the posts, are the 2 files you'll need:

Just cut and paste and manually create the "nav.htm" and "index.htm" files.

There is a special link called "Reset to Bridge Mode" which worked like a charm for me. I'm not sure how it works but I wonder if it does what tlman46 was talking about in his Feb. 2, 2010, comment (which has a link to instructions from Bell Canada on activating Bridge Mode).

There are a number of other hidden gems in the advanced settings which turns the 6520 into a much more potent router. My favourite one is the QoS feature -- amazing that a freebie router from a telco ISP would support QoS!

I hope people find this useful. Cheers!
Posted by Benny on 2011-10-15 17:19:51Post #43 - Post link
Can anyone help, I went into the hidden settings thru the custom HTML page and clicked on "Reset to bridge mode" and now I can't access the modem/router anymore, it just turns on 'power' light and 'wireless' then all the lights come on (some red/green) and adapter on pc indicates loss of connection. The reset button does nothing and I can no longer get into the advanced settings of the custom HTML page. Is the device bricked, or is there a way to salvage it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Posted by vxt on 2011-10-15 17:26:27Post #44 - Post link
I think you should be able to connect to it using steps 3 and 4 in this blog. I've never had the official bridge mode work for me on this modern.
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Total records: 47
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