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January 26, 2011

More Transformers reviews! Two in a month! Finally got the last cone-head seeker! I wasn't a big fan of the cone-heads on the G1 cartoon or toys but I must say they look fabulous in these modern toy forms.
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January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! First blog of 2011 on!

I'm actually only doing this review because I wanted to test out my new camera so I took some photos of Human Alliance Jazz. The camera I bought is the Canon PowerShot SX130 IS, if you were wondering. My old camera, a Canon PowerShot SD1000, is great for its compactness but takes terrible macro shots.

It was lucky that I was to pick up this figure because I was waiting for it to go on sale and was able to get it 30% off. That's my justification for buying more Transformers these days. I wasn't so lucky with War For Cybertron Megatron, which was all sold out.
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July 24, 2010
You can read my original review of MP-03 Starscream here.

The MP-03G version comes with all the accessories the original Starscream did. The only difference is that this Starscream is made of mostly translucent plastic.
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May 23, 2010
I just got this guy a couple of weeks ago and I have to say he looks pretty awesome. The chrome and silver makes him look much better than the Hasbro ROTF Prime. The photo is Photoshopped to emulate a scene from the movie. His gas tanks only transform into one gun. The colours on him also look a lot more vibrant. The red is brighter and the blue is a deeper, more purplish blue. There are more flames and there is white pinstripe around the flames. He also has the mouth instead of the mouth plate. I prefer the mouth plate but I wanted this version just to have a more different version than the one I already have. There is another Japanese version that does come with the mouth plate but it's a two-pack with Jetfire and I didn't really want to get Jetfire, either. More photos to come later. Click here for my review for the Hasbro ROTF Prime.
January 17, 2010
Frenzy is red, Rumble is blue.

I finally have G1 Rumble and Frenzy, thanks to the Encore #19 - Cassette Big Mission 3 Set, and I'm quite thrilled about it!
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September 4, 2009
The Human Alliance gimmick is to have a human (to scale) accompany the Transformer. It's a decent gimmick but for me, it's no different than any other accessory. Although, there is a cool by-product. Since the human fits inside the Transformer, the Transformers has an interior detail, which I like.

I don't tend to buy a Transformer for a gimmick so the reason I bought this figure is because it looks so damn good.
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August 4, 2009
Since I did one for the Star Trek movie, I've decided to do one for Transformers. I'm going to do the shows with multi-part episodes as one episode.
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June 26, 2009
I think I was supposed to do a review of the first movie but I wasn't extremely motivated because I felt like the movie was made for a general audience and not for me, a Transformers fan. For the most part, I thought the critics gave the first movie a fair review. If you haven't read the reviews, the critics are widely giving bad reviews for the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I'm sorry if it wasn't their thing but I have to disagree with them because I really liked this movie. Bay definitely added more in this movie for the fans. Speaking of which, for those who don't know, Frank Welker (who voiced Megatron and Soundwave among others from the original series) voices Soundwave in this movie. But he sounds more like Dr. Claw (from Inspector Gadget, who he also voiced).

The plot is a little bit complex but not untypical of other comic book style plots. I found the plot interesting without being convoluted. The writing is not particularly smart. The humour style is very similar to the first movie except maybe more of it. There are a lot more robots and a lot more robot fights. I found that the Decepticons got more screen time to develop their relationships than the Autobots. I'm fine with that because I know Bay wanted to give some time to the humans and he only had so much time. My one complaint is that the movie is a bit disjointed. Sometimes robots or people would just show up and I wasn't sure where they came from. I'm sure that was due to time constraints. I also have another complaint but it's minor and would include a spoiler.

Overall, I think this movie is very much a live-action cartoon movie and that's why I like it. Good job Michael Bay. I never thought I'd say that. I give this movie a solid 4/5 stars.
June 14, 2009
Allegiance: Autobot
Line: Revenge of the Fallen
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Transformation: Truck
Photo Gallery: View Pics
Overall Rating: 9.75 / 10
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April 28, 2009

Dan Gilvezan, the voice of G1 Bumblebee answers questions at TFcon in Toronto; Drops f bomb.

This was my first TFcon and although there wasn't much to see, I rather enjoyed myself. Being in a room full of Transformers just brings me joy, although being around crowds doesn't. Dan Gilvezan, who did the voice of G1 Bumblebee, as well as some others, was the featured guest. I enjoyed listening to him tell anecdotes and answer questions from fans. I picked up a Masterpiece Grimlock, which was on the top of my list. Near the end of the day. I was also able to score a Music Label Soundblaster for $40, which is a pretty good deal. I'll do a review for MP Grimlock in a separate post.
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