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ASCII chart
Comment from Tamera on December 24, 2015
Configuring Speedstream 6520 For Modem Only Mode
Comment from Janet on September 13, 2015
Transformers Reviews: MP-19 Smokescreen
Comment from Silagra on August 1, 2015
Transformers Reviews: MP-21 Masterpiece (Bumble) Bee
Comment from google authorship check on June 26, 2015
Aww...It's a Cat...Meow
Comment from vxt on June 4, 2015

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January 25, 2016
September 3, 2015
January 27, 2015
In loving memory of my cat, Belle

Videos tributes I made for Belle:
January 8, 2015
The Game of Thrones season 5 premiere date has been announced! It will premiere on Sunday, April 12th.

Game of Thrones Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime now rules the 7 kingdoms of Westeros
October 12, 2014
October 8, 2014

The eclipse took place at 6:15am in the eastern time zone. The moon was getting really low in the sky, so I had to peek in between buildings to see it.
September 21, 2014

I also wanted to try out my Hoya CIR-PL HD filter. What a polarizing filter is supposed to do is remove reflections from non-metallic objects where the sun is coming from the side. It's also used to deepen blues of the sky. Here's an example without the circular polarizing filter.

And here with the circular polarizing filter.

That's a pretty dramatic difference. But here's an example where it didn't seem to help that much. Here's without the polarizing filter.

And here is with the polarizing filter.

In this case, I think prefer it without the polarizing filter.
September 1, 2014
September 1, 2014

What is this? On August 31st, Toronto opened parts of its streets to pedestrians and cyclists from 8am to noon. The streets that were opened to pedestrians were Yonge Street from Bloor to Queen Street and Bloor Street from Spadina Avenue to Parliament Street.
August 22, 2014
Photos taken with a Nikon D5200 /w a AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G lens.

Total blogs: 74
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