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February 24, 2006
I think no matter how many medals Canada wins in the Torino Olympics, it will be disappointing for me because Canada did so poorly in the event that meant the most to me, men's hockey.

There were problems from the start, with Canada losing two of their defensemen before the games even started. Most of the players on the team were having relatively poor NHL seasons. The Tampa Bay trio of St. Louis, LeCavalier and Richards are not having a great NHL season compared to where they were two years ago when they won the Stanley Cup. The defense overall are not having great NHL seasons with the exception of Bryan McCabe who was the seventh defenseman anyway. Even the coaches, head coach Pat Quinn and assistant coach Jacques Martin are not having great seasons with their respective NHL teams.

The guys that are actually doing well this season, Heatley, Gagne, Thornton, and Nash did not perform up to par. One of the things that seemed to be severely lacking was leadership. Joe Sakic did a good job as captain but he had little support. I expected guys like Iginla, Thorton and Ryan Smyth to a lesser extent to step up and help lead and motivate the young guys. And to top it all off Wayne Gretzky was dealing with the gambling controversy which had nothing to do directly with him anyway. The most disappointing thing for me was that I was only able to see two games in all and was unable to even watch them lose their final game due to the time difference between Italy and Canada.

On the bright side, having a lot of international success in recent years has made this loss a bit less disppointing. Now that Canada is out, my prediction is that Sweden will take the gold. Sweden has always been an offensive powerhouse but lacked the goaltending to win it all. I think this year is their year with Lundqvist backing them up. Since I will probably be unable to watch the rest of the Olympic hockey games because of the time difference, I say bring on the second half of the NHL season!

It's been a bit of a rough week at work so TGIF I say! TGI F'n F!
February 7, 2006
With Bret "Hitman" Hart working with the WWE this year to release his DVD, it looks like the relationship between Bret Hart and the WWE is improving. Rumour has it that the WWE is looking to induct Bret "Hitman" Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame during this year's Wrestlemania Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Eddie Guerrero who tragically passed away this year is also expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Bret Hart has so far refused to make an appearance on WWE TV, which is understandable because of the infamous Survivor Series incident in Montreal. However, it's rumoured that he is also planning to boycott the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I think if not for himself then for his fans, he should attend. Obviously it's his life and he should do what feels right for him but I hope that he will reconsider. I'm sure all his fans that will be attending the ceremony would appreciate it.
February 7, 2006
It's hard to believe that in this day and age that the WWE has yet to invoke the use of video replay to review controverial wins. It's a known fact that many wins in wrestling have come from cheating. Many so-called wrestlings greats have made a career from cheating, most noteably "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Known as the "dirtiest player in the game", Ric Flair has cheated his way to 16 world titles. The late Eddie Guerrero made his career out of lying, cheating and stealing. Even action movie star The Rock started his first championship reign by cheating his way to becoming the "Corporate Champion". Would The Rock have his movie career today if he did not cheat his way to main event status? Unlikely I would think.

If it were not for these cheaters the history of wrestling might have been quite different. Such fair players like Koko B. Ware and Jim Powers may have been able to have success. B. Brian Blair was a winner as part of the Killer Bees when they cheated by wearing masks and swapping places with each other without making tags. But when he went off on his own and started wrestling fairly his career went downhill.

Most recently on WWE Raw, "The Masterpiece" Chris Master beat Kane to advance in a #1 contenders tournament to face the champ at Wrestlemania. When will it all end? When will the WWE open their eyes and allow for video review to be used against these cheaters. Until they do, I will be forced to boo and jeer against these unsportsmanlike individuals.
January 28, 2006
So I've been following the women's tennis Aussie Open a bit and I happened to catch the finals between Amelie Mauresmo and Justine Henin-Hardenne. Mauresmo is up 6-1,2-0, on the verge of winning her first Grand Slam championship at the age of 26 when Henin-Hardenne walks up to the umpire and says that she cannot continue due to stomach pains.

Mauresmo had won her semifinal match against Kim Cljisters due to Cljisters having to retire because she had twisted her ankle and could not continue. That is an understandable reason to retire a match but Henin-Hardenne looked completely fine just before she walked up to the umpire chair. If her stomach was really hurting then I don't expect her to try and comeback to win the match but this is a Grand Slam championship final. This is going to be your opponent's first Grand Slam win. In moments like this you have to suck it up and take the loss in proper fashion. All she had to do was stand there and play half-assed for 16 more points. It may have looked bad on her but at the end of the match she could easily have told reporters that her stomach wasn't feel ing well and she was just trying to get through the match. That would have earned her a lot more respect than what she pulled here. A retirement in a Grand Slam final has only happened one other time in the history of the game and it was due to injury.

I feel bad for Amelie Mauresmo that she had to win her first Grand Slam championship that way but in the end is still the winner so congratulations to her.
January 25, 2006
Martina Hingis was knocked out of the Australian Open in her quarterfinal match against world #2, soon to be world #1, Kim Clijsters. Although I'm sure she would have liked to win it all, she can be proud of her efforts in her first major tournament in three years.

It was apparent after the first set that Hingis could not match the fire power of Clijsters. If Hingis ever wants to become the world #1 again she will have to work on her serve and add some power to her forehand. Clijsters dominated Hingis in the first set winning 6-3. Most of Clijsters' point losses came by her own hands through unforced errors. That's one of the things that bothers me about most of the power hitters.

Hingis being the skilled tactician that she is was able to come back and take the second set 6-2. You might call her the Triple H of women's tennis, that is the "cerebro assassin". Noticing that Clijsters was creating a lot of unforced errors on the backhand, Hingis concentrated her assault on her opponent's weakness. Unfortunately, Clijsters' powerful and accurate forehand was too much for Hingis in the third set. Clijster took the final set 6-4 to oust the former three-time Australian Open champ from the tournament.

Hingis seems to be back in good form but she will need to improve her power game in order to compete with the power hitters of today. Dispite the fact that I dislike that type of game, a comibination of power, skill and tactics should still make a Martina Hingis match enjoyable to watch.
January 19, 2006
A couple of days ago I was watching hockey on TSN and when the game was over I went to make dinner. When I came back the tennis Australian open was on. I was going to change the channel when I noticed that one of the participants was Martina Hingis. It was a surprise to see her because she has been away from the game for three years. Apparently, she is making a comeback attempt at this year's Australian open.

I haven't watched tennis in a long time because it started to bored me when the power hitters started to take the #1 status. To me, smashing the ball as hard as you can hoping your opponent won't be able to return it, all the while causing tons of unforced errors, is not enjoyable to watch. I enjoy watching the rallies and perfectly placing the ball where your opponent can't get to it.

Martina Hingis is a finesse player and watching her play is so enjoyable. So I say welcome back Martina! It might be a stretch considering this is her first tournament in three years but here's hoping she can win the Australian open!

This is actually her first big tournament on her comeback. She had participated in a couple of smaller tournaments previously as warmups.
January 3, 2006
December 13, 2005
So this has been my 2.8th season of watching Survivor. The first season I watched was Survivor: Vanuatu. I watch most of Survivor: Palau but my interest waned when Stephanie Lagrossa got voted off.
 ... Read more
December 3, 2005
Congratulations to the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks for their narrow 24-23 victory over the Saskatchewan Huskies to win the Desjardins Vanier Cup. I don't really follow university football but being a WLU alumnus I'm proud that Laurier was able to win this championship.
November 26, 2005
For those of you who are not familiar with podcasting, it's simply an audio equivalent of rss news feeds. An rss news feed is a way for a website to "push" news headlines to you. You need to download a program to accept these rss news feeds then you can subscribe to different news feeds from different websites and have all your news sent to you and organized in one place. In podcasting, instead of receiving news headlines you receive headlines for the audio broadcasts you subscribe to.

Podcasting comes from the combination of the terms "iPod" and "broadcasting". You can subscribe to podcasts in iTunes and download them to your iPod. There are other podcast fetching software or "podcatchers" out there that are not associated with iPod or iTunes. I'm not sure how iPod was able to get their name associated with this technology. I personally don't see this technology as very useful. I don't see why people need to have audio broadcasts sent to them rather than just going to the website to download it. I suppose on an iPod having the files sent to you is more convenient since you don't have a browser interface. In anycase, having said that I will now join the useless over-hyped world of podcasting.

Subscribe to my podcast here I'm not sure what's the best program to use for podcasting but since I already have iTunes I just used that. In the first ever edition of what I'm calling vxtcast I've included two old files from my "guitar sessions". In the original files there were no vocals. I've updated them to include vocals for the debut of vxtcast. I'll be honest here. There's not likely to be too many vxtcasts but you should subscribe to it anyway for three reasons. It's free, there are no obligations, and podcasting is trendy and I know you wouldn't want to be untrendy.
Total blogs: 74
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